Independent Tour : 3240 CHF

10 nights (Optional rest days)

Shorter tours possible.

Dates: March through September


If you’re a strong and experienced road cyclist who enjoys climbing, this is your tour.

Cyclists will ride an average 85 km a day with around 900 meters of daily climbing.

Expect to spend 6 to 7 hours in the saddle each day.
Standard: Tour des Alpes Road, Tour des Alpes Hybrid, Tandem
Upgrade: Trek Emonda SL6, 400 chf
Upgrade: Trek Domane SL6 Disc, 500 chf
  • Orientation and bicycle fitting at shop
  • Fully equipped new 2020 touring bicycles
  • All accommodation in 3 and 4 star hotels
  • All breakfasts
  • Return to Geneva or tickets to anywhere else in Switzerland
  • Return of bicycle to Geneva
  • Turn-by-turn cellphone navigation
  • Luggage transfers
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Jura Route Day 8: Saint Hippolyte -> Luisans

We begin the day with a hard 400 meter climb out of Saint Hippolyte, but then things even out and the remaining short climbs will all be easy in comparison.

And at every turn the cows will be rooting you on, or at least lifting their head to notice your heavy breathing ! No doubt where these animals get their calories: grass grows fast in these parts !

The French themselves are much harder to spot. If it’s summer, then you may see them working in their gardens , if it is autumn they may come out of the forests with a rabbit or even a wild boar ! But these country folk seldom see tourists, so a wave in your direction is a generous acknowledgement.

You’ll see lots of forests, hear the murmur of the chainsaws and count numerous lumberyards. Forestry employs many in this region, as does cabinet-making.

With the exception of Charquemont (population 2,500), the towns that we pass through today will never have more than a few hundred inhabitants and so you may be surprised to find a great little auberge in the town of Luisans with jacuzzi, sauna and traditional dishes done with gourmet attention. We can’t wait to show it to you.

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