Now the Routes on Your Phone

Bike Switzerland is partnering with the platform RideWithGPS so that your telephone is now your GPS. All of our custom routes, notes, hotels, picnic spots and points of interest will be on your cellphone. Best of all, you’ll never have to look down at it because the RideWithGPS platform uses voice navigation to guide you.

Your questions answered here:

Nothing too fancy. An Iphone with iOS 8 or more recent. Or an Android with 2.3 or higher.
Yes, we’ll supply you with a universal mount that will accommodate any cellphone.
No, you can download all of the maps and routes for use offline. No foreign data plan is necessary.
The telephone will use its own internal GPS and cellphone towers to position you on the maps that have been downloaded onto the RideWithGPS application.
Yes, using the application will drain the battery somewhat faster. We suggest that you bring an external battery so that you can charge your phone on the road.
Between 20 and 30 MB depending on the length of your tour.
You will receive an invitation link to join RideWithGPS around 10 days before your tour. You’ll need to create an account on the platform. It’s free.
Creating the account may be easier from your computer. Afterwards, you’ll download the RideWithGPS application from the Apple or Google Play store. Click on the invitation link and application will open and allow you to download everything that you need.
No problem. You can always stop and take a photo. Best of all, the application will show you on the map where the photo was taken.
You can always leave the application or turn off your phone. The application will pick up where you left off.
No. You should bring some kind of waterproof case from home.
You can always put the phone in your pocket and listen to the directions with an earphone.
Protect your phone with a drop-proof case.
Don’t leave your phone on the bicycle.
Recharge your phone every evening.