Bring your Bike Club to Switzerland

As Switzerland’s premier bicycle tour operator, we’re offering deep discounts and incentives to groups of 7 or more riders doing a guided or independent tour with us.

Start planning an overseas bike tour and you’ll see your club dynamics change: your members will train harder, excitement will grow and so will club membership.

Switzerland is an easy choice because it’s a destination on everyone’s bucket-list. If you’ve got a group of riders who are able to travel, Switzerland is likely a place they’d like to see.

Still, they probably have some reservations:

Isn’t Switzerland all mountains?

Yes, Switzerland is full of mountains and we’ve got tours which focus on climbing. But if there are mountains, there are also valleys.
So, if your group is looking for “softer” rides of 30 to 40 flat kilometers per day, check out our Lite Tour.

Isn’t Switzerland expensive?

Switzerland isn’t a cheap country, that’s true.
But a week cycling through the Swiss countryside isn’t any more expensive than a week in a major international city like New York, Paris, Melbourne or Rio.

Given the quality of the Swiss infrastructure and our tour amenities, we think you’ll find that Switzerland is a bargain.

Isn’t it complicated?

Not at all. Just show up ready to ride. We run a full service bike shop in Geneva and will supply you with a NEW Trek to ride. You can see the selection here.
We’ll take care of everything else and even put a GPS on your bike to make sure that you keep on track.

What about my wife ? Husband?

Most of our tours have a non-rider option. The Swiss train network is dense and our itineraries follow the trains closely, so non-riders can visit Switzerland as well.

We’ve worked with lots of clubs in our 15 years of touring. Let us help your club get to Switzerland.

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