Independent Tour: 3,550 Chf

10 nights (Optional rest days)

Shorter tours possible.

Dates: March through October


If you’re a strong and experienced road cyclist who enjoys climbing, this is your tour.

Cyclists will ride an average 85 km a day with around 900 meters of daily climbing.

Expect to spend 6 to 7 hours in the saddle each day.

Keep in mind: this independent tour requires 4 riders.
Trek Checkpoint: 300 Chf
Scott Addict Rim Brakes: 300 Chf
Trek ALR Di2: 400 Chf
Scott Addict Disc Brakes: 400 Chf
Scott Addict with carbon wheel set: 700 Chf
  • Orientation and bicycle fitting at shop
  • All accommodation in 3 and 4 star hotels
  • All breakfasts
  • Return of bicycle to Geneva
  • Turn-by-turn cellphone navigation
  • Luggage transfers

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Jura Route Day 4: Couvet -> Saignlegier

Begin the day following the Areuse river to the town of Travers 5km down the road. Once in town, you’ll have done your only real climb of the day.

This region is so sparsely populated that the residents of the valley decided to unite their nine different village governments and call it “ Val de Travers ”, and today this united township has fewer than 10,000 residents.

This morning you will ride through pine forests, go past steep chalk formations, climb up green hills and into nature preserves.

We'll skirt the larger city of Chaux-de-Fonds and into the region where the numerous solar panels and wind turbines are seamlessly woven into this high plains landscape. Plan on seeing fewer cows and more horses.

Our overnight destination is the town of Saignlegier. This proud village of 2500 inhabitants is the regional capital and home to Switzerland’s largest horse auction.

More interesting for tired cyclists, the recreation center with its indoor swimming and spa on the outskirts of town, or the BFM brewery just down the street from your hotel.

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