Independent Tour: 3,550 Chf

10 nights (Optional rest days)

Shorter tours possible.

Dates: March through September


If you’re a strong and experienced road cyclist who enjoys climbing, this is your tour.

Cyclists will ride an average 85 km a day with around 900 meters of daily climbing.

Expect to spend 6 to 7 hours in the saddle each day.
Trek Checkpoint: 300 Chf
Trek Allant Electric: 400 Chf
Scott Addict Rim Brakes: 300 Chf
Scott Addict Disc Brakes: 400 Chf
Scott Addict with carbon wheel set: 700 Chf
  • Orientation and bicycle fitting at shop
  • Fully equipped 2022 touring hybrid
  • All accommodation in 3 and 4 star hotels
  • All breakfasts
  • Return to Geneva or tickets to anywhere else in Switzerland
  • Return of bicycle to Geneva
  • Turn-by-turn cellphone navigation
  • Luggage transfers

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Jura Route Day 7: Basel -> Saint Hippolyte

Ah, nothing like getting on a clean and well-adjusted bike! Don’t forget to thank your guides. It’s back on the saddle, down Basel’s streets and into France …back into Switzerland …and again into France ! We’ll be crossing borders quite a bit today !

We gain elevation in three strong pushes: 200 meters, 200 meters and 400 meters. Our only town of note is Porrentruy (Switzerland), a beautifully well-preserved city surrounded by forests and pasturelands. We’ll lunch here and take some time to admire the gothic, baroque and neo-classical styles of the old town center.

Afterwards, we pedal into the plains once again, but as soon as we get back into France the terrain changes to long deep valleys and thick forests.

Our overnight stop is Saint Hippolyte and the town is very similar to Saint Ursanne: a medieval village at the bottom of a valley on the Doubs river with lots of interesting architecture to admire. But, you’ll notice that the cars are a bit older, the houses are a bit run down and the people are perhaps a bit slower…things you probably wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t been cycling in Switzerland all week !

Of course, cycling in France has its advantages, and food and wine are at the top of the list ! Fortunately, our hotel in Saint Hippolyte has large quantities of both.

Let’s enjoy !

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