Independent Tour: 3,600 Chf

10 nights (Optional rest days)

Shorter tours possible.

Dates: March through October


If you’re a strong and experienced road cyclist who enjoys climbing, this is your tour.

Cyclists will ride an average 75 km a day with around 1000 meters of daily climbing.

Expect to spend 6 to 7 hours in the saddle each day.
Trek Checkpoint: 300 Chf
Scott Addict Rim Brakes: 300 Chf
Trek ALR Di2: 400 Chf
Scott Addict Disc Brakes: 400 Chf
Scott Addict with carbon wheel set: 700 Chf
  • Orientation and bicycle fitting at shop
  • Lake cruise from Geneva to Yvoire to begin tour
  • Ferry from Beckenried to Gersau
  • All accommodation in 3 and 4 star hotels
  • All breakfasts
  • Return train to Geneva or tickets to anywhere else in Switzerland
  • Return of bicycle to Geneva
  • Turn-by-turn cellphone navigation
  • Luggage transfers

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Alpine Route Tour Day 6: Thun -> Fluhli

We’ll begin our climb out of Thun on the “Col de Schallenberg” to gain around 650 meters.

You are in Emmental. This is also what the Swiss call their mild hard cheese with all the holes, the variety we all know as “Swiss cheese”. Although you’ve probably tasted pale imitations at your local deli, it’s here that you’ll see small local “Kaserei'' producing massive wheels of the “real deal”. Make sure you stop and buy a slab.

After lunch you’ll be passing into a “biosphere reserve” recognized by UNESCO. The designation confirms what you might suspect: You are in a region whose cultural and natural landscape has changed little over the centuries.

We’ll be staying in the village of Fluhli, in the heart of the biosphere. Our hotel, the Kurhaus, has a long and celebrated history. Many famous guests have made their way to this isolated hotel to enjoy the healing waters above the village.

It’s been a short day, so walk up the “Schwandalp” path to enjoy the views and the refreshing springs up on top.

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