Independent Tour: 3,550 Chf

10 nights (Optional rest days)

Shorter tours possible.

Dates: March through October


If you’re active and know how to ride a bicycle, then this is your tour.

You’ll be riding 40 to 60 kilometers a day over flat terrain.

Expect to spend 3 to 4 hours in the saddle each day.
Trek FX: 200 Chf
Trek Checkpoint: 300 Chf
Trek Allant Electric: 400 Chf
  • Orientation and bicycle fitting at shop
  • All accommodation in 3 and 4 star hotels
  • All breakfasts
  • Return to Geneva or tickets to anywhere else in Switzerland
  • Return of bicycle to Geneva
  • Turn-by-turn cellphone navigation
  • Luggage transfers

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Lite Route Day 7: Solothurn-> Zofingen

You continue following the slow waters of the Aare today. Our paths will take you past covered wooden bridges, through dark forests and alongside a Swiss military training camp ! No large cities on today’s ride. You bike from the Canton of Solothurn and into the Canton of Berne through sleepy pastureland and quiet villages.

It’s in these hidden swathes of Switzerland that you’ll notice the small differences that set the Swiss country folk apart. You’ll see houses ablaze in potted flowers, mothers strolling with their babies miles from anywhere, old women cutting neat bales of grass with sickle and twine. The Swiss values of family, hard work and beauty through precision are found at every turn in the Aare river.

You will eventually reach Aarburg and come face to face with its fortress high above the city. Climb the long flights of stairs for a magnificent view before heading south to Zofingen.

With a population of 10,000, Zofingen is officially a city and folks are proud of this fact. Still, it’s probably unlike any city you’ve encountered: the streets are spotless, crime is unheard of and there are no cars allowed in the city center. Enjoy.

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