Why is the Tour de France the Best Time to Buy a Bike ?

Because that is when the sales are.

Most of the elite bicycle brands use the Tour de France to showcase their new models. This means that most of the “2016” models actually come out in July of 2015.

And of course, when new models appear, the old models go on sale.

Often times, the only difference between a 2015 bike model and the equivalent 2016 model is the paint job.

No matter: When the new models arrive, last year’s models go on sale.


So, right now all the 2015 models are on sale by at least 15%. At the moment there are still a good range of sizes and models, but this warm weather means that the European stock is will shrink faster than normally.

Of course, if you’d like a new 2016 model bike, then you’ve got time. However, if you’d like to take advantage of the ONE time in the year when prices are reduced, then best to hurry.

Because of agreements with our vendors, most of our sale bikes cannot be shown on the website, so please give us a call or stop in to see the stock list.


John Klemme

Director / Bike Switzerland



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