Rent Before You Buy. A no-risk policy only from Bike Switzerland

Rent a bike from our shop for a day, a week or longer.
Afterwards, we’ll deduct the rental fees from any new bike bought from our shop.

Why this offer ?

It’s impossible to choose a bike from a showroom.
Is the bike the right size ? Is this the right model frame ? Would another seat be better ?
The only way to be sure about your purchase is to ride the bike.
And riding the bike around the block on a “test day” isn’t enough. You need to take the bike on a long ride, wake up and then take the bike out again.

You may spend 100 – 160 Chf renting a bike from us for the weekend.
But that money isn’t lost. It’s put on your account as credit until October 31st, 2018.
Buy ANY new adult bike at our shop until that time and we’ll deduct your credit from the purchase price.

And it doesn’t matter what kind of bike you buy.
You may spend 500 chf trying out various carbon road bikes and learn that it’s not for you.
No problem: put that 500 chf towards a commuter bike, an electric bike,  a mountain bike or a bike for your spouse.
Your credit is good towards any new adult bike. Even our sale bikes !

Interested ? Write to us or telephone to schedule a consultation:

Meanwhile, you’ll find our rental bikes here: Ride it before you buy it
And the bikes that we carry here:

adminRent Before You Buy. A no-risk policy only from Bike Switzerland