Lite Tour Feedback

Steve and Lisa are American, but have lived in Basel, Switzerland for many years.
Recently they had visitors from the USA and decided to take them on Bike Switzerland’s Lite Tour.
Here’s some unedited feedback:

I hope the bikes arrived back in Geneva as planned.  I assume that no news is good news.

Here are a few pictures from our trip, which was a huge success.  We had a great time.  Thanks for arranging the weather, we were very lucky, just a few drops at lunch while picnicking in Rolle on day 1 and at the chateau in La Sarraz on day 2 (we looked very hard for the Glace artisanal sign but no luck) and a storm during dinner while in Morges (had to move inside from the terrace).

The picture of the tank signs was Phil’s idea.  You may not be aware that he is a retired Army general.

Hi-lites include (in no particular order):

  • August 1st fireworks in Murten.  We listened to the mayor’s speech in town (picture) then enjoyed a really terrific show down by the lake.
  • Thermal Spa in Yverdon.  We stayed in the water until our skins were well pruned.
  • Very nice picnic on the Bielersee.  Thanks to your recommendation we waited and were rewarded.
  • Murten was indeed a hi-lite (picture), especially the ramparts.  It closes at 18:00 so we had to wait until the next morning but was well worth the visit.
  • The GPS’s worked perfectly saving us much time worrying about getting lost.
  • All of the hotels were great.  Maybe the favourites were the Murtenhof or the Grand Hotel des Bains.
  • We really enjoyed riding through the farmland on day 3.  Nice to see so many different crops.  Also, since Phil and Mildred are from tobacco growing country (Kentucky) we established a relationship with a farmer bringing in some ‘bacca although he wouldn’t allow us to take his picture.
  • We appreciated how you thought through our departure and bike return plan—this worked well.  All of your pre-trip emails and information were very helpful too.
  • The ice cream pause day 4 was welcome and gave us the incentive to battle the hard pack.
  • The front handle bar bags were very handy.  I think I’ll get one for my bike.

Lisa & Steve,
Indy Lite Tour, August 2017


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