Family Alpine Tour

My daughter, her boyfriend and I did an independent Alpine Tour in July 2017. They were familiar with the Alps and Jura, and I had never ridden in Europe so this was an easy choice. We chose Bike Switzerland because I did not want to deal with figuring out how to ship luggage or carry it on my bike, and I knew these guys have been in business for a while and are probably doing something right. Well, they are.

I couldn’t get away for the standard tour program so John set up a 7-day trip for us that was awesome. I was a little nervous that the steeps would kill me but they weren’t as bad as I thought they’d be. My experience cycling in eastern CT and in VT and NH prepared me well for the Alpine tour.

I’m a climber and my favorite days were.. climbing.  Descending was another matter. That took some getting used to but once I learned to let it go a bit and stay off the brakes in the banked turns, what a blast!  I leaned what cow bells are really for, drank from natural springs and ate a lot of really good cheese and chocolate.

Bike Switzerland makes things super easy. Luggage transfers and train service were excellent, my rental bike was perfect and the maps and GPS unit along with the national bike route signs made navigation easy.  I highly recommend Bike Switzerland to new or experienced travelers.  The trips they assemble make the traveling easy so all you have to do is have fun on the roads.

Phil, Princeton, New Jersey
Indy Alpine Tour 2017


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